Unpopular Opinion: I Hate Highlight

There, I said it.

It is such a unifying makeup product amongst this generation, through which women uplift and worship each other’s varying degrees of beaming, poppin’, blinding, cheekbones, that I’d almost sooner wear a Make America Great Again hat, than publicly state my distaste for this wacky glittery pressed powder. Because being anti highlight borderline feels like being anti woman. I’m writing these words, pausing every second, tip toeing on egg shells, trying to find the most gentle and un-shaming way to state that I fucking hate highlight. The reason being, the only thing it highlights, are my pelos and pimples.

Trust me I’d love to experience the “lit-from-within” “glow” that I’ve heard so many women describe. I want to be luminescent, I do! Instead I see glitter. The only glow I’ve ever experienced that comes from within--and I know I’m really going to make some eyes roll with what I’m about to say next-- is from vegetables, water, and sleep.

“But there are ones that aren’t glittery!” Tried them.

“Just apply a small amount!” I then see a small amount of glitter.

Sadly, there just isn’t a way around it. Which leaves me to feel left out--left out of this movement to shine beyond propriety or reason. To adorn my face in such a way that makes men uncomfortable, and then to have hoards of women to cheer me on and encourage me to apply more! More! More! Assuring me that, “you can never have too much highlight.” And for that, highlight, you have my respect. You are a sparkling emblem of liberation, but you are not for me.

Many years ago as a freshman in highschool, when Seventeen was my bible, I dabbled lightly in highlight. Back then, tutorials and information about makeup were nothing--NOTHING-- compared to what they are now. Winged eyeliner was instructed to be applied as a swipe. The language was archaic. I do remember though, a mention of “bringing attention to the cheekbones” by way of applying a face powder with shimmer (only literal descriptions here, it wasn’t called highlight yet). The year was 2005. There was only one product to my knowledge that did this, and it was by MAC--which meant I wasn’t going to own it. MAC then, was what Tom Ford is to me now. So to achieve the look, I mixed a finger swatch of Covergirl eyeshadow in “Mink”-- an absolute cult classic for me through all of middle and highschool--with a dab of vaseline (Any white gold eye shadow will work for this). To apply, I smiled and dabbed just above my blush and on my brow bone. 13 years later, and I think this was my favorite highlight I’ve ever applied. At the time it was a broke teenage girl’s hack. Today it feels like the trick of a chic woman who avoids excess

Keep shining,

The Feminist Housewife

Adriana Canizales