PowerGal Smoothie Recipe

When I imagine a woman who is very centered and in control--the kind that knows where she's going and is deliberate in her actions-- I picture her waking up with plenty of time to get everything done, because she's not afraid to face the day and won't postpone it for 20 more minutes of sleep. Matching pajamas and gold jewelry are the uniform she wears to the kitchen, as she prepares her coffee and  a generous plate of fruit and avocado toast--one whole avocado on two slices of bread. She doesn't count calories. When finished, she gets ready at her vanity then changes into the outfit she chose the night before, and blesses herself with a spray of warm perfume on her wrists, before walking out the door. 

I am not this woman. I'm not her literal opposite, but definitely her literal almost opposite. For one reason or another I have never mastered the art of a legitimate morning routine.  Consistently since college, I've be known to roll out of bed with 15 minutes to spare before having to be out the door, which, by afternoon, my breakfast and lunch would merge into one meal in the form of a Starbucks coffee and pastry. And while I'd love to film an adorable video of myself dressed in a silk robe pouring myself a cup out of my French press, and peddle it as my "Easy Everyday Morning Routine," that would just be unfairly far from reality.

But, there is one thing that for the past 3 months I've made every single morning, that makes me feel like maybe I've got things under control and like I'm taking actual excellent care of myself. It's the five minutes every day before work where I dump all the good things in my kitchen into a blender and drink it up. It's my opportunity to get in all my essential nutrients for the day and everything beyond that is extra credit. I tell my boyfriend my two favorite parts of the day are when I get to drink this smoothie and when he gets home from work; which, depending on how you look at it might be considered adorable or pathetic. Here is the recipe:

1. Add 1.5 frozen, ripe banana, to 1 cup of water or coconut milk, and 2 cups of spinach. Blend until smooth. 

  • Buy a dozen very ripe bananas in advance, peel, halve, and freeze them so that you may use throughout the week with minimal prep.

2. Add one scoop of plain pea protein and blend.

  •  I use Garden of Life Raw Unsweetened Pea Protein

3. Add stevia and cocoa powder to taste. Finish with one tablespoons of ground flaxseed powder if you want some extra fiber ( aka those with trouble pooping like me).

4. If the smoothies is too thick, add water or coconut milk slowly until you reach desired consistency. If you're feeling naughty you can substitute the coconut milk/water for coffee.


The Feminist Housewife

Adriana Canizales